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ArmoredBrothers is created by [___O.O___] at 6 august 2018! However its concept first took place in October 2017 and was Originally founded by Impak[in other server] at 26 March 2018. The Gang has started its journey towards the heights of sky from the very first day of its birth. The gang has been coming from hard and harsh time where No one else but our loyal gang members stuck to us and showed to all other gangs that there is no gang like ArmoredBrothers and there will be no Gang like ArmoredBrothers in the future of SA-MP!
               If you are looking for a gang which has brotherhood, friendly, mature, active, helpful members and want to promote your skills under the influence of professional players than ArmoredBrothers -[AB]  is perfect for you. Come join us! and get the best Brotherhood experience ever!! 
Tag: [AB]
Position: #1
Score: ~1000+
Created at: 6 august, 2018
Gang Car: Bullet

Official Gang skin: ''Tried''
Skin id: 117


Total members: 1



These are those legends because of whom we can proudly say that "I am among'' ArmoredBrothers"


-Don't ask for ranks!
-Must be energetic in-game and forums as much as possible.
-You are not allowed to kill gang members, unless they are in minigames, events.
-If you have any issue with another member of the gang, bring it up with one of the co-founders/gang founders.
-Don't start a Gang War with out leader's permission.
Note:  Violation of any above provided rules will lead to 2 warns than a KICK!
● Never use any kind of hacks
 Follow the server rules at all times
 Obey the Leaders and Co-Leaders
 Be affable and friendly with your teammates, don't be too sensitive.
 Respect your teammates
 Help in wars, dm, tdm
 Gain group scores
 Do not attack the Team-mates
 Do not ask for promotions.
 No racial or religious discrimination against other members
 You are expected to interact with your teammates in a friendly and collegial manner.
 Usage of multiple accounts in game or in the group is not allowed.

One who does not follow the above written rules, will get demoted/gkicked or end up on the black list.


Your IG-Name:

What were your previous groups and why you left them?:

Have you ever been banned?If yes why?:

Do you accept the rules?:

Rate Your 2-shot:

Rate Your C-Bug:

Rate your Skinshot:

Rate Your English:

Will you be active and gain G-scores:

Do you agree to follow all orders given by the Advisors and Leaders:


Picture of your /stats:

ArmouredBrothers Team.
O  Join with us OR die from us!  O
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