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on: July 31, 2018, 11:31:38 PM
Naughty Legends History

Naughty Legends is based on having great players (friends) to hang out with, not just killing but have the best times on SA-MP.The clan was founded by Dejo & MartinZ .Those two Croation guys were kinda looking for a challenge and they figured some things out by making this clan.There goals are to play with the best players they know on every server.As they said: ''We are gonna spread out like never before!''.[nL] is about bonding, having fun etc. As Barney Stinson would say: ''Suit up!This night will be LEGEND... wait for it ...DARY! LEGENDARY!''.We will be LEGENDARY in everyway we can!!!

1st Generation
This generation tooke place on Ultimative Gamers Playgroung at first.The players of this generation were skilled, funny, strong & completly awesome in everyway.
Some are active some arn't but we will allways remamber there names!
They won't never be forgettin.They earned alot of respect for themselfs and for [nL] aswell, they even started to spread us like crazy.
They will allways be our 1st and unforgettin Naughty Legends!!!

2nd Generation
This generation was our main key to success on a server called LW's (Littlewhitey's) thanks to our members and leaders of the clan.It was re-opened before 2016 started and had it's rough patches since there were only three members in the clan (MartinZ, Dejo & R3tro) who stayed strong to make the clan better, official and professional as much as they can, and thanks to them [nL] has grown bigger with some members in it and is growing each day with there respect gained averagely.
I know that this generation will not stop untill they have reached there goals of being a good clan member, skilled and loyal to this clan which will make us even better and stronger to defeat those who have doubts in us!
Great thanks to these players for making 2nd Gen. happen: MartinZ, Dejo, R3tro, Frost, xSync, Black moon & Johnny

3rd Generation
This generation was brought back in the beginning of 2018, the management team made a decision to bring back the clan as he felt a emptiness within him and he figured out that it was his clan, his joy that he needed back and most importantly to continue the pay that the 2nd Gen. left off with.The aim now and always will be from now to play for fun as GTA SA-MP is getting a less player count from now on.Players just joining into one and having an amazing time in-game brings joy to everyone and this is the aim for Naughty Legends to bring to others.This will be the last generation for this clan as there will be no stopping this time!If we need to we will make other gamers see what GTA SA-MP is all about.It is old,
 but it is gold!
Great thanks to these players for making 3rd Gen. happen: MartinZ, Dejo, R3tro, KARAN, LukaZ and Marshmello!

Our journy has just begun...

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